Wirths Circus elephants on parade in Christchurch (December 1931)

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19320106-34-4

Wirths Circus visited Christchurch during the end of 1931 with an all new show to thrill the audiences. The photo above shows the elephant herd Wirths kept. Most likely the elephant leading the troupe is Princess Alice obtained from Anderson's Wonderland City in 1911. She died in 1941, not to mistaken for another elephant Wirths obtained from overseas originally called Mary but her name was changed to Alice. Alice died in Melbourne in 1956.

Wirth's Circus, which offers excellent entertainment for people of all ages, will open its Christchurch season in Moorhouse avenue this evening, Messrs Wirth Bros, have engaged from all parts of tho world acts that will thrill, entertain, and amuse everybody. Fresh from their triumphant tour of England and the Continent, the world-famed riders,  'Kazbegs' Troupe of Russian Cossacks," appear in amazing feats of horsemanship. They are the identical Cossacks who defeated riders of all nations at the New York rodeo in 1929. They appear in cavalry rushes, military charges,  pyramids at dizzy heights, and end their performance with a thrilling climax. In aadition, the famous equilibrists and balancers, "The Four Sylvesters," appear in acts that are amazing. A special new attraction is a beautiful aerial act, "Les Quatre Hirondellee," introduced by 1 the "Four Misses Wirth," In the act, grace, charm, and beauty are blended with thrills and sensation. Other features of tho circus will include "The Four Sylvesters," clever juvenile acrobats; "The Santey Duo," presented by Mr Geo, Wirth, jun., as "The Human Propeller''; Miss Gladys and her marvellous black stallion, Bobs 2nd; Miss Madeline, exquisite dancer and rider; Miss Doris and her wonder horse Quennie, in specially selected poses; Miss Eileen.and her sagacious elephants; "The Celebrated Clarkes," horse riders of renown; "Mlle. Spangileletti," comedy trick rider; and "The Performing Brown and Polar Bears." Box plan is at Begg's." (Press, 22 December 1931, p15)